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Canco Park Story

One hundred years ago Jersey city was experiencing a boom. Not a housing boom like the one we are experiencing today but a manufacturing boom. The kind that created the middle class and good jobs for people living in Jersey City. Everything seemed to be made here. 

In 1929 The American Can Company (ACC) opened and manufactured most of the world's tin products. Its' building housed more than a million square feet of factory floor and the complex was over three city blocks along Saint Pauls Ave. At its peak the factory employed over three thousand workers.


In 1972 the ACC closed its doors and laid off all of its employees. By this time manufacturing was almost dead in this part of the country. The factory complex then lay dormant for more than thirty years.


Now Jersey City is having another boom, this time it's a people boom. The population is exploding and Jersey City is the fastest growing city in the United States. The old factories are now being reborn as housing and the one time employee parking lot for the ACC is now transformed into a Jersey City pocket park. Canco Park is 15,000 square feet of beautiful passive park with a rolling grass hill and a stand of white birch trees to sit under on a warm summer day.

In the spring of 2018, the Canco Park Conservancy was formed in a effort to foster community and well being in the park. The Conservancy has helped the park be in sync with nature by planting native species plants. The park has been recognized by the North American Butterfly Association & for the pollinator garden as well as the Audubon Society & the National Wildlife Federation for its native plantings and wildlife habitat restoration efforts.


Please visit Canco Park for one of the programs happening here or just come as you are and enjoy a piece of nature in this former industrial complex. 

Canco Park Conservancy

A park is at the heart of every community.

It brings all people together to share joy.

Our Mission


Mission Statement


The mission of Canco Park Conservancy (CPC), a 501(c)3 non profit is to restore, beautify and maintain Canco Park, complementing the efforts of the various Jersey City Departments. Our goal is to enhance the public’s enjoyment and involvement in the Park as a passive space and cultural and educational facility. The Canco Park Conservancy organizes volunteers to execute its projects and programs and sponsors community events that are open to all to enhance the quality of life among park users and residents of Jersey City, New Jersey.

Our Mission

Our Vision

A vibrant passive park and community space that feeds park goers through green space, community, cultural events and education.

"It is our belief that providing park goers with a visceral experience in a natural environment fosters empathy, inclusivity, equity and respect for each other and the natural world."

- Canco Park Conservancy

Our Board

Dawn Giambalvo, President

Kevin Link, Vice President

Peter Wassinger, Treasurer

Irene Stamos, Secretary

Kris Berry, Trustee

Lisa Chambers, Trustee

Jan Nordland, Trustee

Ted Stauber, Trustee

Our Advisory Board

download (1).jpeg

Alex Mirescu

Dr. Alex Mirescu CEO & Co-Founder - Resilient City, Consultants in Disaster Risk Reduction and Urban Resilience Jersey City Environmental Commission Board President, Powerhouse Arts District Neighborhood Assoc., Jersey City Fmr. Project Manager at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 2009 - Present, Regularly consults at UNDP, UNOIOS, UNDESA and the Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) Lives in Powerhouse District


Paul Amatuzzo

Paul Amatuzzo Real Estate Agent 23 yrs. Armagno Real Estate Agency President, Pershing Field Neighborhood Assoc. Vice Chair JC Historic Preservation Board Fmr. President HPNA Born/raised in Jersey City, lives in the Heights


Geoffrey Elkind

Geoffrey Elkind Securities and Commodities Attorney President, Ridgewood Property Owners Civic Assoc., Ridgewood, Queens HPNA Advisor Fmr. Hamilton Park Neighborhood Assoc. President Co-Founder Hamilton Park Conservancy Fmr. Senior Manager Deloitte Consulting LLP Fmr. Senior Manager Crowe Horwath LLP Fmr. Senior Manager Bearing Point, Inc. Fmr. Resident Jersey City, lives in Ridegewood, Queens

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