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Canco Park Conservancy Sponsorship Packet


In the spring of 2018, the Canco Park Conservancy was formed in an effort to foster community
and wellbeing in the park. The Conservancy has helped the park be in sync with nature by
planting native species plants. Canco Park Conservancy has been recognized by and the North American Butterfly Association for the pollinator garden as
well as the Audubon Society & the National Wildlife Federation for its native plantings and
wildlife habitat restoration efforts.

The mission of Canco Park Conservancy (CPC), a 501(c)3 non-profit is to restore, beautify and
maintain Canco Park, complementing the efforts of the various Jersey City Departments. Our
goal is to enhance the public’s enjoyment and involvement in the Park as a passive space and
cultural and educational facility. The Canco Park Conservancy organizes volunteers to execute
its projects and programs and sponsors community events that are open to all to enhance the
quality of life among park users and residents of Jersey City, New Jersey.

Green space is a precious luxury in Jersey City. It is our belief that providing park goers with a
visceral experience in a natural environment fosters empathy, inclusivity and respect for each
other and the natural world.


$500 Silver Business Sponsor
● Your logo on one of our popular event banners such as our Butterfly Festival, Movies in
    the Park, Shakespeare, Plant Swap (small position size).
● One Facebook, Website and/or Instagram post per year providing a special offer for event
    participants your choice of posting type (discount, specials, etc).
● Inclusion in our Facebook, Website, Instagram Thank You to all to all CPC 2019 Sponsors.

$1000 Gold Business Sponsor
   All of the benefits of a Silver Business Sponsor plus:
● Your logo size increases to a medium size on one of our popular event banners.
● Your logo on the event flyers displayed in park & on event flyers in storefronts
    throughout the neighborhood.
● Spotlight article in our CPC electronic newsletter on our Website, Instagram, Facebook.
● One complimentary table at the CPC event you sponsored (deadline for registering is two
    weeks prior to our event).
● Inclusion in our Facebook, Website, Instagram Thank You to all to all CPC 2019

$5000 Platinum Business Sponsor
   All of the benefits of a Gold Business Sponsor plus:
● Six social media posts of your choosing across one of our social media platforms
   (Facebook, Instagram)
● Your logo on every CPC event banner and special event posters including the CPC
    Butterfly Festival Banner
● Your logo printed on our CPC flyers and posters distributed around the city
● Your logo on large-format posters for the Annual Butterfly Festival attended by hundreds
    of families every year
● Your logo on the CPC Banners for all our 2019 events. (Spring/Summer/Fall)
● Your name mentioned in social media for the event you sponsored
● Your logo on our website homepage for the calendar year as Platinum 2019 Sponsors
● Spotlight piece describing your business in the CPC electronic newsletter

Sponsorship banners are placed at Canco Park and seen by thousands of residents. Event flyers
and posters are placed in other city locations as well. Banners include positioning for 2 large
logo sizes, 4 medium logo sizes and 6 small logo sizes.

1) Plant Swap Banner – May
2) Movies in the Park Banner – June
3) Shakespeare in the Park Banner
4) Canco Park Conservancy Butterfly Festival Banner - up for the month of September,
    limited to our Platinum and Gold sponsors
5) Large-format posters for the Fall Plant & Seed Swap - attended by hundreds of families.


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