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Canco Park Conservancy Children's Art Intensive at Mana Contemporary

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Gabriel Pacheco leads the students through the galleries of Mana Contemporary for inspiration on their next project.

Beginning January 19 The Canco Park Conservancy and Mana Contemporary have begun a collaboration for our five week Children's Art Intensive. Classes take place at Mana starting in one of their galleries or in a studio of a resident artist. Students study significant works led by Jersey City's working artist and educator Gabriel Pacheco.

Students first focus is Andy Warhol.

Students began by visiting the Warhol exhibit in one of Mana Contemporary's galleries. Students observed Warhol's technique of print making, his use of color and repetition of pop culture images.

Students then returned to their studio to begin a work of art inspired by Andy Warhols pop art silk screens. They began with a discussion of what is popular? what is culture? and what is pop art? The discussion focused on what items are important to the students. I guess nintendo game systems can be pop culture art, why not?

Week One - The Students each created a simple line drawing of what they thought would make a good pop art subject.

Students discus pop art

Week Two - Gabriel Pacheco taught the students how to reproduce their drawing with a simple print making technique. Students rolled out clay into thin spaghetti shapes and traced their drawing with it. With a second piece of paper on top the students were able to use a crayon to make rubbings of the image. This simulated the silk screen process used by Warhol.

Creating a system to reproduce the pop art drawing

Week Three - Students visited a few galleries asking questions about the work leading to a study about color... Why did the artist create what was being viewed? How do you think they felt about it? What do these artists works have in common? The students used tracing paper to transfer main elements of their pop art images onto colored paper. The colored paper was cut out and reassembled and overlapped similar to Warhol's silk screened pop art images.

Student signs her final work

We are now half way past our first session. Next week... PAINT !

Thank you Mana Contemporary for partnering with us on this exciting project.

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